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Secret Tips for Using Facebook Ads for Ecommerce

secret tips for facebook ads

“Are you tired of squandering your money on Facebook ads?”

It is a true everyday life narrative that many advertisers, including you, have experienced. Just like the ball into the net and expecting “boom, that’s a goal,” try a fresh ad campaign in the hopes of success.

What they actually do is experiment with a wide range of demographics and interests on a regular basis, using a variety of visuals and constantly changing their copy.

However, for some unclear and unfair reason, they are still unable to profit from the adverts to the same extent. They appear to be simply depositing their funds in Facebook’s Ad Bin.

Isn’t it kind of a drag?

What if I told you that with a few little modifications, you could produce your first effective advertisement today?

Because it is the largest social media network, Facebook is known for being an outstanding ad platform. If you target your Facebook ads correctly, you can obtain fantastic results for your eCommerce company. If you aren’t using Facebook advertisements for your store, you can be losing out on some lucrative prospects. Facebook allows you to showcase your products to a broader audience. Above all, they put your stuff in front of the correct people!

Using the massive social media platform for eCommerce marketing is literally a fantastic bet for businesses, with over a billion consumers. The indisputable fact is that virtually everyone is taking use of it these days. Facebook provides an easy approach for eCommerce companies to target a highly particular consumer base and drive them back to their website.

Now, here are some insider secrets that will help you make some changes or a new style to your Facebook ad campaign in order to make your e-commerce business a success.

1. Product advertisements

When it comes to eCommerce ROI, dynamic product advertisements may be the most effective method. It’s their chance to re-engage hesitant and disgruntled clients by serving them customised advertising based on their previous activity, browser history, and purchasing behaviour on your site. There are various examples where multi-product commercials perform exceptionally well. Multi-product carousels are claimed to work better than other forms of ads because when a buyer looks at something that is related to their interests, they are more likely to buy that product.

First and foremost, it is engaging and interactive, which encourages visitors to scroll around and view further products. Multi-Product Ads provide your clients with extra options. Aside from that, it can be used to demonstrate the many features of a product.

2. Use a pixel for conversion tracking.

A conversion-tracking pixel is a little piece of code that keeps track of your visitors’ actions on your website. But it also does a lot more, such as keeping track of the amount of conversions. Furthermore, the tracking pixel aids in the targeting of the proper audience as well as the improvement of your Facebook ad campaigns.

However, it is recommended that you install the pixel long before you run your first campaign for the optimum effects. This gives Facebook time to figure out who is converting into consumers and generate a lookalike audience based on your existing custom audience on your site, even if they came from other marketing channels. If Facebook hasn’t yet tracked any conversions on your site, optimising your campaign for conversions will be difficult.

3. Retargeting Efforts

If you’ve been in the eCommerce business for a while, you’re probably aware that 72 percent of customers abandon their shopping carts. Ouch! But, strangely, this isn’t the end because the people who tend to abandon their purchases in the midst have previously been exposed to your products, so many of them will return to complete that buy or something similar.

So, what do you do to reclaim them? It’s not rocket science; you simply need to re-run the campaign to target the same users. Discounts, vouchers, and other appealing offers can be used to operate retargeting campaigns.

( You can use a service like Rebrandly URL Shortener to boost your retargeting strategy. It’s feasible to retarget people who click on links you share on social media using Rebrandly, even if the links don’t lead to your website. This feature allows you to broaden the reach of your adverts by incorporating news and material from various websites.)

4. Image Enhancement

Because Facebook favours images and videos over all other types of content, you’ll need to up your visual game in your Facebook ads. You must persuade consumers to look at your stuff instead of scrolling. Because the Facebook algorithm favours video content, you can attract visitors to your feed by using video advertisements. Use a white background, use the rule of thirds, and market your product by placing it in the right hand are just a few strategies to get the most out of your images

5. Brand Recognition

You may boost your brand identity by communicating with people who have previously visited your website using Facebook ads. They will just reinforce your brand identification because they are already familiar with it. To tell your brand storey to your customers, you can employ a series of Facebook ads or videos.

According to a study conducted by Facebook and Adaptly, producing a series of ads that express your primary brand message rather than selling increases total conversion rates. The difference in conversions between conventional and sequence advertising was a stunning 87 percent in one research.

6. Extend the Life of Existing Products

There are occasions when we are hesitant to start an advertisement because we are unsure about the outcome. Click-through rates, budget, and a slew of other concerns keep us on our toes? So it’s safer to enhance an existing post. You can choose a post that has already had a lot of likes, shares, and interactions. You’re well aware that it works. Now all you have to do is enhance it to reach tens of thousands of additional individuals. You may do this in a variety of ways, including leveraging tools like Custom Audiences to enhance your relationship with existing customers, rewarding your store’s top admirers, and so on.

7. Make a CTA(Call To Action)

One of Facebook’s coolest new features is this. Instead of a standard box, Facebook now allows you to construct your own call-to-action button. It has yet to acquire traction, and brands are underutilizing it. It will, however, significantly enhance your click-through rate. Go to the ‘text and links’ area when creating your ad. It will provide you a few drop-down alternatives to choose from, such as’shop now,’ ‘learn more,”sign up,’ and so on. You may also add your own personalised call to action. This will encourage your clients to click, perhaps increasing your purchases.

Now we can claim that you are well aware of the most profitable and hidden ideas for increasing the revenues of your Facebook ad campaign; the only thing left is for you to put them into practise correctly in order to reap the maximum benefit from them.

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